The indigenous Indian game

Ball badminton is an indigenous sport of India ….One of the oldest games known to the world of Sports. It had it’s origin as early as 1856 in the Tanjore District of Tamilnadu in India.(wow isn’t it) I never knew that India was its origin…No wonder now.. cos it was decided in 1856 itself ,that history was to be written in this arena of sports by a team known otherwise as Amathur25 (strikes a chord somewhere???? Could be related with chennai28 🙂 ,one of the superb tamil movies-Definitely one of a kind and my favourite!)
BB is an exceedingly fast game demanding skill, quick perception, correct judgment, agility of movement and capacity to control the ball with proper movement of wrist. Unfortunately none of the Amathur25 people possessed all of this…and still the college was willing to take the team out on a Picnic to Trichendur – 2day all expense paid trip(wow more days than our IV- now isn’t that gr8t 😛 )What if all the 10 people on team were the FRIENDS mob… a mafia that the whole department feared 😉 and the ones that hungout together- the gangster sorta crowd… That’d be even gr8tr ,ryt?… Well that was what it was .. 😀 so..uhmm…Even Better…!Lemme introduce the Amathur25 to yall…
The Captain– Manimegala -Backend player-Does splendid floats on the ball ..other than that did nothing great to win her captaincy 😛
The Vicecaptain – JeevaPriya- Center Player- Does good saves and ..great shuts,which just don’t reach the opponent’s court.
Back end Players :
Karthiga – Plays well ,except when under pressure whence looses all the balls…;D
Susi – Plays cricket with badminton racquet
Sivaranjani R @net – Net Adicha ball netta thandunadha saritharamay ilana pathukongaly 😛
Subashree – held the bat only 2 days b4 match day.(for 1st tym)
Front Players:
Nabisath -Known for hopping around ,tryin to hit the balls.. 🙂 and in the end making the center to loose the balls too..
Mangleswari – Does good shuts with the bat..and weird face reactions when playin (funny 1s too)Gracelyne / Me – The P.E.T teacher had great confidence in me seeing the practice sessions…But lost that when there were losses in the court.So in the end the three of us took turns on court.
One more on the list – Vetri.v – dunno where to add her up .. guess she’s a front end player,but never seen her playing..hheh…does more of a check post kinda job bouncing balls off her.:PAnd Aarthy – couldn’t make it to the match owing to the problem that there could be only 10 people going from one college..We missed you pal..!Well thats about Amathur25..and if you were wondering who plays the role eqivalent to that of the “enna kodumai sir” guy in the movie,the one that always drops the ball.. I think I’d give the title to Net…no..susi…no…vetri…I’m confused.. Well NET wins .. She gets the title..! 🙂 She worked loads for the team…Picking up balls flung outside..Vetri did a good job of mixing glucose and serving to the not so tired players…and susi did a gr8t job of cheerleading backed by shree.Hats off to the whole team..We couldn’t have lost without you all !!!! =)Let me not forget our P.E.T ma’m who took us all out there to compete..Our first win enthralled her loads .. who wouldn’t see a coachless team skyrocket up and beat last year’s winners!Anyways.. even though we couldn’t get the coveted title,we managed to get 3rd.. and ,again cheerin for the right team made our college get the overall title for the tournament !

uhmm..Though it may seem as if I may have defamed the college team..thats the bare bones,down-to-earth take on the team (my personal opinion ,strictly)but one thing sure is true, there was not a better team there , to beat us in the team play, and sportive spirit we all showcased and thats what made us go that far!Whats a team without a cheer song – yea idhu onu than korachala ena ..:D Well if you’ve heard the witch Doctor song (oo-ee-e-ah-ah bing bang walla walla ting tah)…the same! 😛 Have I forgotten anybody…anything..? yea..The 2nd year “perfect badminton” team that coached the final year team …Well u can laugh ur heads off now..But you can’t but accept the fact that the WE ROCK!!!!!!!By the way,this was an all CSE team (so no wonders tat we rocked!!! )

6 thoughts on “The indigenous Indian game

  1. hii gracy!!!!!!!
    gracy u missed something… i am the “STAR” player of our amatur25 team…my choice for enna koduma title is “NET” the only one.Gracy unaku balla kuda olunga poruka therila u didnt mention that;)mani was the only person to get scoldings from p.e.t sir of other coll angaiyum pooi ava pera kaapathita title for susi is “SIXER” susi.Vetri,I think she forgot that she was also a part of the team during the match hours she was day dreaming all thro the day.Madhu avaluku groundla enna reaction vidurathunay therila… aprom jeeva ava enna ground velila irunthu sirikathanu sonna ,aana match mudinjathukapram why u didnt smile nu kekura???? nanum madhu mathiri enna reaction vidurathunu theriyama mulichitu iruntain..Shree avalum ball badmintonku puthusu than.Karthi ava courtla irunthu nalla lecture koduthutu iruntha…The most highlight comedy was we people after losing went and cheered up kcet team…(coz if akec wins we may lose our overall thats all ,paasam lam illa pa)..Anyways match ku poi net matum oru vishayatha nalla kathukitta (epdi ball porukurathunu 🙂 🙂 🙂 )Thats all gracy……..

    Evlo nadanthalum we played very well these are only a small part of our match.Overall we did our level best… this was the best match that we ever played…..
    Definitely we 10 rocked the match…

  2. @ nabi – reverie !
    ur comment is worth a blog post.. hoping to see more on ur blogspot..
    yup thats absolutely true- v alwAYZZ RoCk!!

    Too bad this was our final match,being in final year 😦

  3. @ nabi – reverie !
    ur comment is worth a blog post.. hoping to see more on ur blogspot..
    yup thats absolutely true- v alwAYZZ RoCk!!

    Too bad this was our final match,being in final year 😦

  4. hey gracy!!!!
    this was really an unforgettable match dat i’ve ever seen n dese 3years….really enjoyed a lot wid all our frnds…d whole lot..from C.S. n a single biotech!!!n all the comedies of d whole match wid d opponents & wid our team mates…i think dese ll remain evergreen n our memories!!!!!!!I think its the ryt name for our team…n d song n d dance which myself(madhu) & nabi framed…. suits well….myself & u are the star players…which u missed to say here….while writing dis comment
    i felt more proud of 05cs..(even though v havent acheived anything gr8)…n i wanted to say again n again
    05CS ROCKS!!!
    05CS RULES!!!

  5. @ sd- madhu
    yeup V sure rock always all the tym all over !

    @nabi – real stars me n madhu.Neeyay peethikiduviya!!:P

  6. hi vetti ,
    me realy had a grt time with u al ???????????????????????/ plz dont get tensd dear.l never forget ouer captains bigggggggggg mouth and lecture of karthi & our confusion n running btn left and ri8 courts………………. had a coooool time KK rockz da

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