Life without the internet !

Hey Everyone, I’m back again(after a really long gap – a month nearly 😦 Gosh ! ) I wrote my last post 20 days ago.. since then it’s been a roller coaster ride full of great experience..
So….. Here i am ,this is me ..there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be..! Strikes a chord somewhere?? Was just listening to Bryan Adam’s track-“here i am” 🙂

I’ve had a really disappointing week 😦 (tats wat i felt at the onset)
So… there I was at the inferno (moi hostel) , hoping to have a good time just surfing the tides on the www,.. What do I get ?? 5 days of pure non-wifi time.!!! Not to mention the sugar on top – Frequent and long power cuts during the day ! ( Tamil Nadu is reeling under one of the worst power shortages .. RESULT : TNEB resorting to frequent, unannounced cuts ranging between two hours and eight hours daily :O )
For an internet addict like me….(@%*#%(@&) well you can imagine how grumpy I must have gotten!!! X(
It was then I realised how much the Internet means to us , the poor earthlings! From the depths of desperation I began to imagine how the world could be without the Internet.. Beleive me….It looks like stone age the way my imagination swayed !
Can YOU survive without internet?? A lot of us are really hooked up to it ! Imagine life without e-mail, youtube, friendster, facebook,orkut, wordpress, blogger, online games,messenger …. and you can’t even pay your bills online, book tickets, order stuff !!! seems like armageddon huh??

Its hard to imagine how we ever survived without Google(my tour tram in this internetwork),ebay,skype,….but in reality, it is only a matter of a few years since we somehow managed to struggle from one day to the next without ever logging on.In those seemingly far-off days life existed and things were successfully executed – all without the internet, Its just a matter of doing things differently !
So the thing I realised is that : addicts like me should really find a better balance. Just like other things in life, at some point you might unexpectedly lose it – and you really have to cope with it !
so I listed down some things you can do to remain sane when disaster strikes again !! 😛

#1 Use your legs :take a walk around your place,meet those old pals ..In addition to building relationships, the consequences can do some good to your health also
#2 Rediscover the art of conversation : this is something that I did… Surprisingly I found that I ‘ve been living in a virtual place..and even my normal conversation with friends started out with:
hey,how r u?.. Hows life goin??…G-M for good morning (Sounds weird , if u r saying it to people who are colleagues !! =)) )
#3 Go out : enjoy the twilight hours just gazing at the pretty sky
#4 Go to the library : Even though there’s no beating the online search, egrossing yourself in the library would make you appreciate the world of knowledge!
#5 Write a snail mail to a friend : Snail mails are always appreciated .. I love getting snail mail cards and stuff…
#n Enjoy the freedom : I’m sure there are a hell lotta things you can do ! So Come on all of you with strained eyes , disorderly lifestyle – Look @ the beautiful world outside your pc screen , i’m sure you’d appreciate the awesome resolution of the lifesize wall papers out there !! 🙂
I,for one, have definitely learnt to appreciate it !!
To be off-line felt like some sort of isolation even though it was only temporary. It’s not something I would want to happen on a regular basis, and whilst I am sure that although we would undoubtedly cope without the Internet if we had to(but I sincerely doubt it would be an easy transition), the question is – would we want to? No way !!!
The internet phenomenon has become indispensable.. and for me 5 days without it was more than enough to prove that !!
It sure feels good to see the Blogger Dashboard ! 🙂

Its the start of moi Study hols..So I’ve got loads of hours at my disposal !!! Yay!! So I’ll be surfing to my heart’s content !
Things I’ve done recently
* Started a few more blogs (do check them out)
From my lounger
* Finished my university Lab Exams
Weather out here: Rains all the time .. So the sky from my window (the real wooden one :P) looks splendid !!!! No words right now to descibe its magnificence!! God, You Rock !!!

2 thoughts on “Life without the internet !

  1. Bang!! u hit the nail…some time back my friend sent me an sms trellin me that i suffer from ‘DISCOMGOOGOLATION’ …well i guess i did…i’ve tried staying away from the net and u know what life has never been better… but ofcourse the Internet is and will be a bigger part of our life but we should never become addicted to it…

    I’m free 😉

  2. Thats cool.. A new word just for this !! 😀
    Yup ..We appreciate life’s joys better when offline 🙂

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