Happy Diwali !!

Its Diwali tomorrow..(atleast thats what my calendar says) but the celebs have already begun… Past few days,I can hear nothing but the bing bang booom! of the firecrackers -“sara veddi” as they call it..!

Diwali is the MAJOR Indian festival celebrated by hindus,jains,sikhs..(atleast thats how much wiki knows lol ) ..Around my place almost everyone I know celebrates it… Best part is getting invited to other peoples home for celebrations and probably a sumptuous dinnermrgreen .. I, being a christian enjoy such priveleges…! You’ve got the whole to lie on ur lounger watchin the good programs,talk shows,movies,n what not .. On Television !! .. OR you probably can visit your kith and kin and make their day!! (Option 2 sounds good,doesn’t it) And..When twilight sets in , O-M-G the whole town looks awwwesome… in a array of lights and diyas… Clad in their new clothes children n teens bursting crackers.. and displaying their fireworks ..and even if there s a little rain(like last year’s)..that positively doesn’t damper their festive spirit !!
So its time for the same fun again this year!!! Only difference : no invitations ,so far from friends around my placecry (although I’m ready evil to barge into homes razz if I don’t get any festive treats on ‘The day‘)…and the ones I’ve got are from places a little far off… cry !!!
Wishing you all a Very HAPPY DIWALI !!!!
P.S: Play Safe !smile and don’t forget to send me those sweets I’m expecting so much!! biggrin

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