Study Break Rants,Raves and Ruminations

“If I have eight hours to cut down a tree,I will spend six hours to sharpen my axe” – Gracy. Plan your works ! Acheive success !

LOL ! ROFL..!!! Its Univ Exams time.. That explains why there are so many SUCH crap text messages being forwarded day and night..

Get a load of this one:

“A Genius is a person who can do for $1 what any fool can do for $100″… As such we complete the syllabus in one day what the lecturers try to finish in half a year!!                                        

This one’s my personal favourite.. It really is true ,the kinda place where I study..Not that all the lecturers are like…erm..good… We do have 1 or 2 good ones.. But still… I guess this probably is the plight of all engineering (or for that matter, any discipline) college today !

This is another of my favs:

“‘Sei alladhu sethu madi’ -Gandhiji ; ‘padi aladhu paduthu thoongu’- anonymous”.

Translation : “Do or die – gandhiji; Study or rollover and sleep -anonymous”.

The writer of this text,wherever you are : “gr8t quote ! This should be made into posters,tee-shirt writing,wallpapers,screensavers,…and wat not ” D’oh !

Basically I’m  a procrastinator ,a cunctator,a postponer : a TOTAL last minute person(which explains why I’m the owner of the last minute people community)So.. this study break is just another excuse for enjoying life..Some of the stuff i kept doing these days:

#1 – Blogging / just being online..

#2 – Reclining  on my lounger and staring at the radium(not the radioactive one) – the glowing thingy s, probably with the music on  @ 80% volume and having a 1000 thoughts bounce around my head ranging from career options ( MS / MBA ?? I wanna continue being a student… Thing is I can’t get a bonafide from college ‘cos there’s a catch : during placement , We gotta specify only one of these,meaning if u choose placement option, you gotta go for it! Curses!!@#@#(*(*(!@! ) ,Promoting my blogs,Earning from it,Sorry state of the affairs of the nation,how give a  facelift to Microsoft campus club,blah blah blah.. and so forth!

#3 – Text message everyone.

#4 – Wonder whats for the next movie time?? and download it

#5 – rummage through my old drawers and computer folders looking at old pictures,videos,writeups,notes passed during class… and rejuvenate faded memories.. Boy ! did I have fun on this one…!

#6 –  Karaoke  singing,recording, and adding voice effects !(Not that I sound great.. Just for the fun of it:P )

#7 – Hanging out with a few pals when the city lights were down!

#8 – rendezvous with Johann (baby brother- just a few months)

#9 – Watching a hell lotta movies ! and writing reviews about it too !

#10 – Cursing the board of exams for conducting EXAMS X( as if exams determined one’s assets

Uhoh .. Gotta blast,Its examtime in 2 days..Trotting off to inferno..

Oh dear Study holidays..When will I see thee again?

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