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My Baby Sleeps Peacefully Again!

For the longest time, I’ve believed that I have had the worst sleeper of a baby – literally because we didn’t feel like we enjoy long nap times or undeterred hours of sleep. (Little did we know that this was status quo in parenthood).That was until Z had his first bout of cold and nasal… Continue reading My Baby Sleeps Peacefully Again!

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The Green Snack Co. for healthy snacking!

Ever since I learned about superfoods like quinoa, kale I've been wanting to try it in a form that suits my lazy (but becoming increasingly active)  lifestyle and the Green Snack Co. quinoa puffs and kale crisps were an instant hit! (pun intended 😉 ) They have 3 main product lines: Quinoa puffs :  Quinoa… Continue reading The Green Snack Co. for healthy snacking!


The Wall Project : How to build a gallery wall that doesn’t pinch the pocket.

Tired of staring at the same old wall space and want to brighten your homes with a little art / make a small artsy corner / a memory wall?  This home makeover project was a roaring success for me, who initially pursued this because I wanted a better BG for my conference calls that I take from home than a boring blank wall 😛

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M is for…

MAMA EARTH! The most loved product in our household that has the most shelf space! Our current list of product favorites can be best summed up in this routine recap: A good morning begins with their newest toothpaste variant (by far our favorite because of the bubble yield :D) and moves on to using the… Continue reading M is for…


Hello, Summer Hair!

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine]   One thing I’ve noticed in India is that even though women shaving her head is seen as very odd in society, purely because of all the judgmental voices in people’s heads; it also is seen as a privilege especially when done for religious reasons… Continue reading Hello, Summer Hair!

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Best AR Toys of 2017: Magic Joey

I'm a millennial parent and LOVE the world of opportunities new age kids have. So my 2.5 year old boy and I been playing / trying out some pretty awesome AR, VR toys for kids from 18 months+ ages and I'm itching to share my views about these super awesome AR toys for kids in India. I'll be covering the AR… Continue reading Best AR Toys of 2017: Magic Joey