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How I met with Father Time.

First off, Great to see you here again! Spank me (hypothetically wonly) for being such a hypothetical blogger. You have no idea how good it feels to open this hypothetically cobwebbed Windows-Livewriter to *airjerk* BLOG again! Hopefully I shall be more regular. “Well, what kept me *rolls eyes* busy?” you ask? Ummm…Loads of things. Hours… Continue reading How I met with Father Time.

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The Entrepreneurial Bug – Guess who’s got bitten by it?

Moi!!! Yes, lil ol’ me! How? Why? What?! When? I haz no answer.I dont really know when I got bitten by it.. Anything could have done it.Maybe those books by IIM peeps I’ve read or that humble “Eat Cake” book by jeanne ray I loved to read long long ago or ‘me finally making it… Continue reading The Entrepreneurial Bug – Guess who’s got bitten by it?

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Memoirs of Those lovely days

    This one's strictly a personal post lying in my drafts for sometime now! Few months back, I attended a free self-analysis workshop(some boring stuff), arranged by one of the local NGOs.Every attendee was questioned about, their unforgettable moment in their life so far. Please note that all of us were barely in our… Continue reading Memoirs of Those lovely days

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Project Thesis – The stark reality/naked truth!

Technorati Tags: final year project,truth about FYP,thesis,mentors I have been meaning to write something about this for a longgggggg time... But hadn't the time or insolence to do that..Well the time for publishing this draft has finally come.. I know.. many of those who have finished college may get  nostalgic..The others still stuck here would… Continue reading Project Thesis – The stark reality/naked truth!

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Young Soprano – Unleashed !

Ahemm..Ahem...I'm a singer (officially).Gracy,the young soprano made her debut on March 27th! All thanks to Fiesta,Literary and Fine Arts Association of Mepco schlenk engg College which allows lame wannabe singers a stage for showcasing students' talents 😛 ! I had no intention of sweeping this embarrassment on myself,But still.. If don't do it now,then when… Continue reading Young Soprano – Unleashed !

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A normal weekend after ages !!

Dear reader, It has been ages since I blogged. I actually cannot point out a specific reason for my absence though I am quite certain that my glorious unpresence would hardly affect anyone/anything. 😛 Its been a long while since i've clicked on my blog URL,except for those occasional comment check times..Where was I ??Mostly… Continue reading A normal weekend after ages !!