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Whats the best excuse for going late to college???

From elementary thru' higher secondary thru' college,sadly(?) I've always been late to school/college,wateva! Some may disagree and believe that it is ok to show up late to class. There are generically two separate attitudes: 1. "We pay our tuition, we should be able to make our own choices and if showing up late to class is… Continue reading Whats the best excuse for going late to college???

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Final semester of ENGG. :( / :) ???

8th semester has technically begun...Only the institution where i study in could begin the new semester when you have not finished your 7th semester exams(No big deal - Postponement because of rains)Well leave that...Dec 2oth,after ,my C# exams got over @ 1pm, 'technically' the new sem started @ 2pm !^%&^% Sucks right???? Beleive me its… Continue reading Final semester of ENGG. 😦 / 🙂 ???

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Study Break Rants,Raves and Ruminations

"If I have eight hours to cut down a tree,I will spend six hours to sharpen my axe" - Gracy. Plan your works ! Acheive success ! LOL ! ROFL..!!! Its Univ Exams time.. That explains why there are so many SUCH crap text messages being forwarded day and night.. Get a load of this… Continue reading Study Break Rants,Raves and Ruminations

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Life without the internet !

Hey Everyone, I'm back again(after a really long gap - a month nearly 😦 Gosh ! ) I wrote my last post 20 days ago.. since then it's been a roller coaster ride full of great experience..So..... Here i am ,this is me ..there's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be..! Strikes a chord somewhere??… Continue reading Life without the internet !

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The indigenous Indian game

Ball badminton is an indigenous sport of India ....One of the oldest games known to the world of Sports. It had it's origin as early as 1856 in the Tanjore District of Tamilnadu in India.(wow isn't it) I never knew that India was its origin...No wonder now.. cos it was decided in 1856 itself ,that… Continue reading The indigenous Indian game