Summer of 11

Remember that Bryan Adams tune that squeals about the best days of his life.. This one’s  all about the best “productive” days of my life – the summer of 2011. TOO much productivity happened!  Please to remove your nerd detector spectacles and read on.. 1)Participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge for the first time.The hands-on online marketing experience was uber cool indeed!! The joy … Continue reading Summer of 11


Just found this picture in my mailbox…I really loved it,so thought you should all take a look… What is the little lady thinking??? And the child’s chair is really funny..Wish this had been a shot with the face of the angel,visible..After a particularly pissed off day ,this pic is kinda assuasive @ and brings a grin on my tired face! Wassup ?   Listening to this … Continue reading wassup?