Summer of 11

Remember that Bryan Adams tune that squeals about the best days of his life.. This one’s  all about the best “productive” days of my life – the summer of 2011. TOO much productivity happened!  Please to remove your nerd detector spectacles and read on.. 1)Participated in the Google Online Marketing Challenge for the first time.The… Continue reading Summer of 11

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World Pees

Last night I came across this LOL-worthy status on Aditya’s Wall (not the wall people pee on) and pasted it on my twitter page and Zzzzz’ed! This morning I woke up at my non-regular time, 6:00 AM & do the first thing like I always do (which fyi, is not a pee routine) : check… Continue reading World Pees

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Coup de Grace : 2010 in review

Hi imaginary reader, First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! This was not really the first 2011 post I had in mind. But then, who gives a damn? 😛 I really liked this WordPress Blog report & wanted to share it here because only WPStat would remark that my blog's health-meter is a WOW . Wow! indeed!… Continue reading Coup de Grace : 2010 in review

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of buses and fusses !

Being the bubble wrapped daughter of my parents I was never used to the typical Indian mode of commuting - The Great Indian Buses....until o'course I joined college...And buses are the best ways to make a trip to that pal's place or to that neighbor town where you can catch a movie with ur buddies… Continue reading of buses and fusses !



Just found this picture in my mailbox...I really loved it,so thought you should all take a look... What is the little lady thinking??? And the child's chair is really funny..Wish this had been a shot with the face of the angel,visible..After a particularly pissed off day ,this pic is kinda assuasive @ and brings a… Continue reading wassup?