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Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes [Review]

Happy 2019! Surprisingly, no resolutions yet on the personal front, but boy do I really want to dedicate more time to The Grace Log. 😀 I want to share a detailed review of the water wipes I’ve been using for Zoe, that’s recently launched a NEW variant: the 99% water wipes. Before I post this… Continue reading Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes [Review]

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Christmas Dessert – No-bake Biscuit Cake & Reindeer Cookies

Come Christmas month, I plan to do a zillion things in the spirit of the season and then fail. But this time I got around to actually making a cake. I wasn't really in the mood to do a lot of kitchen work and this is the outcome of that feeling - An easy no… Continue reading Christmas Dessert – No-bake Biscuit Cake & Reindeer Cookies

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6 Thumb Rules On Meal Planning For Kids

I've found that having a weekly menu set, saves me a ton of time, which can be used in doing other stuff and hence this is my Sunday evening ritual, just after we finish our grocery shipping. I start out by making combinations for the adult lunches and then work around breakfast and dinner based on that. Adult meal planning is quite easy if you ask me. Add a vegetable curry, gravy, rice(on most days) + protein and that's it. Breakfast is a different cereal - If it's rice for lunch then its millets/ wheat for the other two. Salads for adults end up in 'the kid's snack box, and so everything kitchen related is planned in advance.

Parenthood, Reviews

Mother Sparsh baby wipes for First Time Moms

Forget bread & butter, wipes & diapers are a new parents’ staple household item! Early 2017, my little one had been developing rashes because he was still on diapers and we needed a solution for that which will not harm his skin and give us peace of mind, because, let’s face it: new parents are… Continue reading Mother Sparsh baby wipes for First Time Moms


Stress-free Way to Kill Mosquitoes

Monsoons mean happy times, hot chai and pakora, rainy walks, muddy puddle jumps and lazy days for the most parts, but… also bring with it many discomforts, the biggest of which is the mosquito menace. Is it just here in Chennai, or are mosquitoes worldwide of late, giant, immortal creatures, that forever buzz in our… Continue reading Stress-free Way to Kill Mosquitoes