Oh,Snap-3 : BLUE

Just another “Oh,Snap” moment I experienced,exactly a week ago ! My PC snapped! For the very first time in my 12 years of windows usage..!! <clap clap> 😛


Is there any way to get rid of the BSOD.Oh yeah.I was googling & found the perfect solution,that some creative genius discovered.Well..All discussed below..
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Oh,Snap ! -1

For those of you who think that snap means nothing more than the literal ‘picture’ meaning,here’s what its urban meaning is [Courtesy : urbandictionary.com] #1 A word used to express a feeling of excitement generated during an unexpected or impressive event. The meaning of the word depends on its context and can range from disappointment to extreme satisfaction. The versatility of this work enables it … Continue reading Oh,Snap ! -1