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World Pees

Last night I came across this LOL-worthy status on Aditya’s Wall (not the wall people pee on) and pasted it on my twitter page and Zzzzz’ed! This morning I woke up at my non-regular time, 6:00 AM & do the first thing like I always do (which fyi, is not a pee routine) : check… Continue reading World Pees

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Incase you can comprehend the title a) you are a killer cryptographer \m/ (or) b) you are one among the millions who use twitter! I dedicate to this "twspecial twost" to many of my not-so-twitsavvy pals who I think should use Twitter ,which is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what… Continue reading TWHY TWOULD TWOU TWUSE TWITTER ??

Oh Snap!

Oh,Snap-2 : Social Meltdown

The socially active peeps would've been aware of the social meltdown last night.Serious Twitter Outage Ongoing, Denial Of Service Attack that took a toll on nearly 45 million tweeple(twitter+people) Even the largest sites still have occasional outages.Yahoo suffered 15 minutes of system wide downtime the day before, & we're yet to know from them what… Continue reading Oh,Snap-2 : Social Meltdown